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Jesse was born and raised in Boston Massachusetts, hailing from a family of many creative professionals, including visual artists, writers, and musicians.  He quickly developed a love for imaginative expression through many different artistic outlets and combined them into his education at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design, graduating in 2006 with a degree in animation.

Upon finishing school, Jesse immediately moved to Los Angeles to begin his professional career and pursue his ever evolving passion for creating narrative through powerful imagery.  For almost a decade, he continued to become successful in the commercial industry of animation, illustration, graphic design, and sound, while using all remaining time available to further develop his personal work at home in the studio.  This process was integral in bringing his heart, his mind, and his hand back to the true expression of his imagination through painting.

Stepping back from the computer and returning to the tangible medium of oil paint brought Jesse’s artistic journey full circle.  His attraction is now focused toward the perpetual industrialization that guides the fate of our species seen against the magnificent scenery of the world in which we live.

This work is an exploration through the persistence of humanity to evolve past the balance of our natural world, while the very planet that gave us the ability to exist is ever patient.  We will continue to be presented with a beautiful majesty that we have not yet found the humility to fully understand and appreciate.

You are seeing Jesse’s manifestation of the compelling geometries of our unrelenting advance juxtaposed against the sublime chroma of our marvelous home.